My new home.

She ran from it all. She ran from the disappointments, fears, dreams, deceptions, accomplishments; she ran from herself.

Running with stitched eyes, running as fast as she could; running to never return. She ran with nothing but a piece of hope held together by a piece of a ever ending dream.  

footsteps went disappearing as she detached from the earth’s womb, slowly but surly she knew the borrowed innocence she possessed would also fade. Everything known would become unknown, everything that made her would break her and everything she held on to would let her go. 

She ran with an empty heavy heart. She ran with the wings doubt once broke and the wings reality refused to repair, She ran as far as her mind would allow her to. She ran in search for warmth, answers and direction. She ran for a new home she only knew existed in the non -existence.

I ran and never looked back.