"La muerte es tan buena que nadie ha regresado de ella."

Gustavo Cerati. (via sebastiankno)

(via tsuki-turtle)

Nothing stays the same.

  • There is a place where i run to when i feel alone, insecure and unsafe.
  • This place is beyond the reach of most and beyond the reach of those who actually seek it.
  • This place only exists in the darkest corner of my mind. This corner lies on the edge of the real and the non existent. This corner is the only place in my mind in which everything makes sense. This is where all my fears, doubts and deceptions become obliviated, they are consumed by all the right things i do wrong.
  • In this place I forget the meaning of life, the meaning of joy and honesty.
  • In this place i let go of any purity i have left.